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Fresh and Cool Freezer – Chiller Truck

Chiller Truck in Dubai: These trucks are same as chiller van but it carries more load as compare to van the truck can carry a load from 1 ton to 10 ton. And has wide insulated temperature body specially made for a chilled foods item such as Medicine, Fresh vegetables, Fresh meat, Fresh fish, Fresh […]

admin July 12th, 2020

Fresh and Cool Freezer Van

No.1 Freezer Van In Dubai: We have No.1 Freezer van in Dubai for your transportation need. Our Freezer Van is thermally insulated with a thermal king and Carrier machine. Our Freezer Van in Abu Dhabi can carry Frozen foods, Frozen meat, Frozen fish, Frozen chicken etc. Our Freezer Van is designed to transport perishable goods […]

admin July 12th, 2020

Refrigerated Truck Rental

Freezer Truck Rental service has multifaceted specializations. You should start searching for experienced Freezer Truck service. Well informed companies will plan the complete procedure of transporting food items, meat, and seafood ahead of the given timeline. When it has to do with choosing the right Freezer Truck service, among the issues that you are most […]

admin September 18th, 2019

Hiace Chiller Van Rental Service in Dubai

We have Hiace chiller van rental services in Dubai. Our latest models chiller vans are well equipped and they have the capacity to transfer your goods between 1ton to 10ton easily. If you want to transfer any sensitive goods they need a controlled temperature for maintaining their freshness then chiller vans are one of the [...] admin February 8th, 2021

Fresh Frozen Food Deliveries in Dubai

Particular types of food like seafood, fresh meat, fruits, ice-cream and cooked food needs a certain temperature to keep them fresh and healthy. It is possible to deliver food to a restaurant and not need to plan ahead anymore. Thus, you know you need food to run your restaurant. Whether this food is an important […]

admin September 18th, 2019

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