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These trucks rental are same as chiller van but it carries more load as compare to van the truck can carry a load from 1 ton to 10 ton. And has wide insulated temperature body specially made for a chilled foods item such as Medicine, Fresh vegetables, Fresh meat, Fresh fish, Fresh chicken etc. The temperature of this van is from 25 to 05 degree and is fitted with specific cooling systems there are also multi-usage cargo bars and cargo belts to fasten and secure your cargo while you are on the move and additional function of the larger chiller truck is movable partition, these partitions allow for multi-temperature deliveries which help to cost time and fuel for our customers. click here for more info about chiller truck rental service.



Fresh and cool freezer truck ensure your foods are 100% safe and secure to maintain your company reputation in the food industry as we have more than 10 years’ experience in this industry and we will take care with guaranteed safety measures.




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Our chiller van for rent in Dubai is a unique solution for transporting or storing refrigerated or frozen goods. Our chiller vans are designed to provide exceptional temperature integrity and ease of use; they are designed to be a practical choice for everyday residential or commercial use.


Transportation of the products plays a vital role. Thus, the transportation vehicle has to be carefully selected according to the storage requirements of the products. For instance, if you are transporting food items, meat products, chemicals, medicines, and other products that require freezing or cold temperature, you must select freezer or refrigerated vehicles. You do not need to purchase a freezer truck of your own. There are numerous companies involved in offering freezer trucks for rent purposes.

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