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Our Services

Our Services

Capitalizing on vast industry experience and a large fleet of vehicles, Fresh and Cool Freezer Truck L.L.C-UAE has emerged as a promising name offering efficient, time-bound Refrigerated Truck and Van Service In UAE. Over recent years, we have made a large investment in updating the entire fleet of refrigerated vehicles to ensure that premium equipment is provided to transport temperature controlled products around the entire of the United Arab Emirates.

Fresh and Cool Freezer Truck L.L.C is one of the most renowned and reputable transport companies in temperature control services within U.A.E, Serving its clients since 2012. our proactive continuity of service approved ensure and enable us to maintain a long-term relationship with our clients. adding values to our clients supply chain is our physiology of work company have incredible growth in past 3 years and aiming to grow with the same pace. we are undertake all kinds of transportation jobs including, consumers refrigerated, chiller ,and also dry products Fresh & Cool Freezer Truck is Fully committed in providing highest standards of refrigerated services to our clients we are having our own fleets of trucks raging form 1 ton to 10 ton so as to cater to the particular requirements of our clients at any given time at Emirates with each site equipped with a variety of refrigerated, chiller, and also dry products vehicles. The specification of each vehicle on the fleet is manufactured to the highest possible standard ensuring that we provide as much flexibility and options to our customers.

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