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Chiller Truck and Freezer Truck Rental in Dubai

Are you finding the best Chiller Truck or Freezer Truck rental Company in Dubai UAE? We are here to provide the best chiller truck services at the exact time.

For, freeze product temperature is an important factor in Chiller vans and chiller trucks in Dubai. Our team is well trained and they have knowledge of how to maintain your freeze products professionally and efficiently during transit.

So we have the following chiller vehicles

And also have top model vehicles with thermally insulated freezer truck in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Our majestic and professional team is available 24/7 to serve their services at an exact time. For any inquiry Contact Us

For your restaurants, Chiller trucks and chiller vans basically play a vital role in the generation of energy. We have an available top range of freezer trucks (between 1tons to 10tons) from small Van to Heavy vehicles. If you need a freezer vehicle then approach us.

Refrigerator Van Types

  1. Insulation-only van
  2. Chiller conversion van
  3. Semi-freezer conversion van
  4. Full-freezer conversion van

chiller van in dubai

Our chiller truck and chiller van operate for Dubai Abu Dubai UAE(United Arab Emirates). we have available 1ton to 10-ton vans and trucks that transfer your frozen product safely.

What is the best temperature for the transfer of goods?

Different chiller van has a different capability to transfer your freeze goods so according to the product.

For your extra knowledge, we mention some most transferable freeze product names and what is the suitable temperature that is best at the time of transit through the chiller van.

frozen meat chiiler truck chiiler van ice cream supply in dubai chiller truck medicine supply

Fish, Meat for Frozen Meat or Frozen fish, temp is -18°C and for normal meat, it’s 5°C

Dairy & Poultry Minimum is 0°C & maximum 5°C

Ice Cream in chiller van temperature -18°C

Pharmaceutical product 0°C to 5°C

Flowers 5°C to 7°C

Refrigerated Chiller Truck Sizes

We know freshness is most important for your products.

Our company has all range of chiller truck according to the client requirements. They have the ability to carry a weight between 3 tons to  4.5 tons easily.

Mitsubishi company is a well-known name in the transportation industry.

If we talk about chiller truck then everybody known Mitsubishi Chiller truck is one of the best company they have the capacity to transfer chiller items from one place to another.

fresh and cool truck

Who We ARE

Our company is established in 2007. In the field of the temperature controlled logistics companies, FRESH AND COOL Chiller and Van Rental company are leading frozen couriers services provider in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE. In the past few years. Our company has made significant steps in the market and has become the top suppliers in a variety of sectors to provide temperature controlled transportation with their high tech Freezer Trucks & Chiller Van.

The business operates from key locations across Abu Dhabi, UAE (United Arab Emirates) including Dubai and each site is equipped with a variety of refrigerated vehicles, chiller trucks and from small car derived vehicles to large heavy goods vehicles. The specification of each vehicle on the fleet is manufactured to the highest possible standard and to ensure that we provide flexibility and reliable options to our customers. We believe in five star Dubai freezer truck and chiller services.


Freezer Truck Transport Dubai

Freezer Truck Transport

Freezer Truck

We are providing cool and fresh freezer truck transport in Dubai. Are you finding services about freezer truck transportation so you are in right place. We have much more for you. Get freezer truck in rent in Abu Dhabi. Just call us.
freezer truck

Fresh and Cool Chiller Trucks

Chiller Truck

In Dubai and UAE we provide fresh and cool chiller trucks as a complete transportation solution to our client. Our chiller trucks can transport goods by maintaining the freshness. Our transportation solutions bring ease for our customers.
freezer truck freezer van

Fresh and Cool Freezer Vans

Freezer Van

We provide freezer vans for your transportation needs. Our vans are thermal insulated with thermo king and carrier machines. These vehicles can carry frozen food, frozen meat, frozen fish and chicken etc. Our vans are designed to transport perishable goods at a specific temperature anywhere in Dubai and UAE.
freezer truck freezer van chiller truck chiller

Fresh and Cool Chiller Vans

Chiller Van

We have small and large chiller vans in Dubai to provide made to measure solutions for our clients. These chiller vans can carry upto 1 ton cargo. Freezers in these vans are with various sizes and used to transport chilled food items such as medicine, fresh vegetables fresh meat and much more.

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    Fresh Food and Meat Deliveries

    Are you finding best transport service and deliveries for your Food and Meat? So you are in a right place. Fresh and Cool Freezer Truck provide freezer trucks, chiller truck, freezer van and chiller van transportation services to our respected customers.

    Food is an important part of every human being and it is very important to make food fresh. Our professional team is available to deliver foods in hotels, restaurants and caters all over Dubai, UAE.

    We have highly skilled and professional team to give you best services according to your needs. We have 3, 4, 5 and 10 tons of freezer truck, chiller trucks with equipment and the refrigerated van is available in Abu Dhabi (UAE).

    We deliver all food to hotels, restaurants, and caters.
    Contact us for best transportation services and better food deliveries.

    Our Address:

    International City Persia Cluster Building,

    M 05 Shop 20 PO Box 283626,

    Dubai – United Arab Emirates. (UAE)

    Website: (freshandcoolfreezertruck.com)

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